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This boy was in a real rush to get money from me. And no won

This boy was a mystery. He didnt want to talk about his job

This guy was simply super cute, he could easily be a model.

Computer guys are great. They may be talented in one particu

A pretty tough looking guy invited me to his home today. He

This guy was funny. He was constantly broke, he had no job,

When this boy called me, he told me that he cant afford to t

Life in the northern part of the Czech Republic was way too

This boy wasnt exactly a genius. He lived at his brother and

Today I visited a mysterious foreigner in need. This poor It

Ales looked like someone who used to be a nerd for the most

This guy was so scared that his girlfriend might find out ab

I love lending money to college students. They are usually s

I met people who were very passionate about their tattoos be

Another family man called for my help. Dont worry, he was on

Stupid times. That was the boys answer when I asked him why

This boy got himself into a pretty hopeless situation. He to

Another boy screwed by his ungrateful girlfriend. He used to

This time I met a student in need. His financial plans didnt

This time I went on a lovely trip up North. I got a call fro

It looks like giving my former customers rewards for sending

The word is definitely getting around A friend recommended o

This meeting was a little risky. This guy needed to settle a

This boy was still living with his mother. I felt sorry for

More and more people come to Prague to start a new life. Its

This young man made a lot of debts, including a few bank loa

This guys life wasnt exactly a success story. He graduated f

This boy wanted to live a rich mans life. He moved to the ou

This young guy had a family of three. He loved them so he di

Honestly, I wasnt surprised that this guy was in financial t

I got a call from a young student who urgently needed 20 000

This was the first time I have talked to a florist. It was o

This young man got kicked out by his parents. To make his si

Having an emancipated strong woman as a partner is sometimes

These two boys wanted to borrow money for a nice vacation. I

This boy sounded like a little whelp on the phone. He kept b

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This boy didnt have the greatest start in life. His parents

This boy was absolutely desperate. He was in some serious de

Another boy living in a poor part of Prague. Another disgust

Winter is dangerous for anyone on the road. This guy was luc

I usually meet boys who screwed things up and need my help t

Some people have such a nice and easy life and they barely k

Having a new flat is amazing. Who wouldnt like it, right! Un

Relationships at work can often be tricky. One stupid collea

This young man called me because he needed 25 000 to pay a f

This had to be the boy with the hairiest ass in the world. I

I have heard that tattoos can become a real obsession for so

This boy was kind of funny. He was in a quite difficult situ

In the Czech Republic there is a mandatory health insurance

This sweet boy had just turned 18. The day before he threw a

A young couple called me for assistance. They owed rent to t

This gorgeous boy drove like a madman to get to work in time

If you think you can make big money by playing roulette, you

This poor guy got injured at work. Normally he would get sic

This guy looked very cute and had a pretty apartment. He was

This one was very difficult. He was totally shocked when I o

I think this guy was very happy just a year ago. He started

I dont often meet rich spoiled kids. This brat was something

I think its embarrassing when a grown up man lives with his

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