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Czech Hunter 636

Czech Hunter 637

Dirty Scout 290

Czech Hunter 638

Czech Hunter 639

Dirty Scout 291

Czech Hunter 640

Czech Hunter 641

Dirty Scout 292

Czech Hunter 642

Latin Leche - scene 68

Latin Leche - scene 68

Czech Hunter 633

Dirty Scout 288

Czech Hunter 634

Czech Hunter 635

Dirty Scout 289

Dirty Scout 267

Dirty Scout 285

Czech Hunter 630

Dirty Scout 286

Czech Hunter 631

Dirty Scout 287

Czech Hunter 632

Czech Hunter 591

Latin Leche - scene 66

Latin Leche - scene 66


To graduate at school and than not be able to find a job in

This young man got kicked out by his parents. To make his si

This boy didnt have the greatest start in life. His parents

This boy told me hes not good with money. He started renovat

So many hot young dudesve been walking around me today. It w

This boy was a little slow and gave me really hard time. He

I wanted to do something crazy today. Timing was not great,

I stopped for kebab today. Waiting in the line, I met a youn

I have a feeble for skaters, for football-players and for sp

The weather is getting better these days. Ive met a dude, wi

It was a cold but sunny autumn-day. I went to one of the big

Powered up after a gym Ive decided to go right to the bus st

I went for a walk along the Vltava river on this sunny day.

With summer coming I wanted to experience some outdoor enter

I dont know why but the last days I have not been so success

Christmas became definitely a huge shopping event in the Cze

I dont like banks at all. When I was young I was permanently

Again a dreary autumn day in Prague. When I woke up I was al

Even though the city center - especially the Wenceslas Squar

So its time to introduce the General. Of course he has a rea

Today I found myself in the middle of the Jiraskuv bridge. S

Nice weather again for my favourite park. I wonder if they e

With the FIFA world cup on, I knew it would be great to sedu

Czech Hunter 622

Dirty Scout 279

Czech Hunter 620

Czech Hunter 618

Czech Hunter 619

I never had a guy in bed like this. But let me start from th

Its me - Martin. After a small break I think its time to get

I got a call from a cute sporty hunk who I fucked earlier th

I noticed this boy already half an hour before. He was stand

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