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Czech Hunter 646

My plan for today was to go shopping and looking for boys at

Oh, I love Friday so much. Guess why!! Its a day in a week w

2015 is already here so here comes my first new years boy. I

After a series of luck with the threesome I had a craving fo

With summer coming I wanted to experience some outdoor enter

I was really surprised when he told me that he was from the

Today something very crazy happened to me. Met two boys, one

I have been waiting for something like this for a long time.

Its unbelievable how much I love this job. Young boys are al


My phone was ringing early today. Another desperate fish in

Dirty Scout 249

This sweet boy had just turned 18. The day before he threw a

It was a sunny afternoon when I went to the shopping-center

Str8Chaser: Plumber

Boy, did we get lucky today! We gave this cute straight guy


I got a call from a guy who I hunted long time ago. He menti

I think, I really saved this boy. He already owed the rent f


If you like fresh unspoiled meat, this is your boy. He turne

I usually meet boys who screwed things up and need my help t

Honza called me that a boy he met around Christmas last year

Since I got my crutches people are so helpful. And as it wil

Christmas became definitely a huge shopping event in the Cze

When I found Nate he was pretty bummed about losing his job

I noticed this boy already half an hour before. He was stand

I love having fun with guys who know each other well. Its al

I stopped muscular hunk Shane while he was out on a run. I c

Just in front of the entrance to a Metro station, Ive met a

Winter has been too long, that I had to wear the jacket, sca

This cold weather is starting to bother me. Only way how to

The first applicant today called me and cancelled the schedu

Inappropriate relationship at the workplace can be messy. Th

I like when a young and interesting guy pays me a visit in m

My secretary brought me a lovely cutie as a first thing in t

The first applicant almost made me doubt my judgment. From t

Xmas is over, I gained two kilos :- So I have decided even t

Waiting for a bus can be a pleasure. Yesterday Ive been in a

Time to check out the Christmas market. I just love the smel

I met an absolutely amazing young man in the metro. Took a r

I cant say that I hate shopping malls - today Ive had a busi

Already three times this week I saw the same guy in the metr

I discovered for myself that Czechs do not have a typical fa

Its unbelievable how much I love this job. Young boys are al

Ah, monday again I was tired after the weekend and really ne

And once again, Im out here, hunting down my next toy. Ive t

Winter seems to be over and the first rays of spring-sun mad

I recently told a close friend of mine about our new agency.

Please let me introduce Jan, our new colleague. He recently

Wow guys, when I started this homepage together with Honza w

When we decided to start our agency we expected that all the

It was one of those last late-summer days which made me visi

I have spent the weekend in a small hut in the nearby mounta

When I was a child my parents often took me to a campsite ne

I heard there was supposed to be some sort of a summer party

Even the best of intensions can backfire badly. This boy wan

Finally Im back at the office. It was terrible just lying ar

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