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I dont often meet rich spoiled kids. This brat was something

This sweet boy had just turned 18. The day before he threw a

I got out of subway and saw a young guy buying food. It was

With this job I discovered for myself that Czechs do not hav

It was one of first nice spring days so with great mood I we

A little beauty walked into my office this morning. Well dre

While roaming the city centre, I met two boys sightseeing. T

I wanted to try to pick up a guy on a bus, just to spice thi

Today I received an email from a guy who lived quite far awa

Some boys are really funny. They call you and ask for help.

When I notice that a guy doesnt want to play my games I usua

I heard there was supposed to be some sort of a summer party

This boy was in a real rush to get money from me. And no won


A young couple called me for assistance. They owed rent to t

This was a fun day at the office. A guy called us in advance

Ive never seen someone as dumb as the guy Ive picked today.

This week, our cameraman films as a cute boy gives a hot str

Prague had been like a furnace these days. Thats why a wante

I was supposed to meet a boy that one of my fellow hunters f

This boy had a very tough life. His parents died when he was

Another boy from a small town in my office. This poor boy tr

Summer is still in full swing here in the Czech Republic. Pe

Petr was a wannabe businessman. When I met him, he was on th

Another boy screwed by his ungrateful girlfriend. He used to

It looks like giving my former customers rewards for sending

What happened to me today was just awesome. Amongst the thin

A Metro station is always a good place to as Id say HUNT. It

My friend Jiri from Czechhunter told me that students always

One thing that I like about my job is that I get so close to

Another client who couldnt even welcome me at his home. So I

What actually is a regular guy! I am sorry for asking but I

Kevin alone at home - I dont know why but I had to think abo

It was a sunny afternoon when I went to the shopping-center

debt dandy set 13

Some days are just strange. It doesnt matter how many guys I

I had very special mood today. Couldnt decide which young ma

I am always curious how the boys look like who called me to

Dirty Scout 279

Dirty Scout 273

Wenceslas square in Prague, heart of the city where you alwa

Ive decided to try my luck at the University this time. Huge

Powered up after a gym Ive decided to go right to the bus st

I found myself in the right historical centre of Prague this

Every day many people come to Prague as tourists. Also many

I dont like alcohol very much. My father was drinking and I

I spent the whole day in a small restaurant watching boys at

Today I picked Ziskov, a very dirty and dodgy part of Prague

Czech Hunter 621

Czech Hunter 558

Czech Hunter 598

Str8 Chaser: Rob

Str8 Chaser: Arthur

Czech Hunter 477

Taking care of old people is a noble job. I admire people wh

I was in a mood for a drink today. By the way I hate drinkin

Computer guys are great. They may be talented in one particu

There are many beautiful islands on the Vltava river. One of

I didnt like this guy at the beginning. I expect some degree

I met people who were very passionate about their tattoos be

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