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Latin Leche - scene 57

Latin Leche - scene 57

Latin Leche - scene 57

I am starting to believe that every single dude in this city

Latin Leche - scene 39

Latin Leche - scene 39

Czech Hunter 488

When a new boy at the bar forgets his ID at home, our camera

Latin Leche - scene 54

Latin Leche - scene 54

Latin Leche - scene 54

I have spent the weekend in a small hut in the nearby mounta

I had to take a long ride to get to the house of my todays t

Latin Leche free porn gallery set 30

This week, our cameraman meets a cute hipster guy with a pon

Im out here taking a walk in the park and I spot this good-l

Another ambitious boy who would like to make it big in the c

Its unbelievable how much I love this job. Young boys are al

This cute guy was a fan of Italian sports cars. He even lear





Randy bait And Switch 2

This was indeed a surprise. I didnt expect todays client to

Even the best of intensions can backfire badly. This boy wan

Drinking and driving is a very stupid thing, you can even se

This boy looked totally oblivious of the mess he got himself

It happens quite often that people dont like my offers. But

This boy travelled to my office from the southern Bohemia. H

I had to do some business outside Prague. On my way back I s

This weekend I tried the main train station in Prague. The p

Another night, another try. Today I spotted a boy at the bus

I couldnt sleep that night. Instead of lying in bed pointles

Train stations are a great place to look for young boys from

Strolling the streets of Prague again, I bumped into two rou

Ladronka is a very nice park in Prague, very popular amongst

These kind of stories happen only in real life. The young ma

Another opportunity to help struggling young people. This un




This boy surprised me a lot. He looked very young but he alr

There arent that many people who would be able to work at a

Another grey day. I have to get used to getting my ass up mo

I was just about going out for lunch where I was supposed to

I just finished editing my video from the party last week an

Today I met a young guy in the metro. He was originally from

Since almost one year Peter, one of my closest friends, asks

The entry to the house looked like a construction-site and I

This boy was a typical case of irresponsible spending. He lo

I will never get used to those communist buildings in the ou

Some people call me a bit arrogant and thats maybe even true

The stupid stairs made me almost angry today. Why do the guy

Another applicant from outside Prague. He came the long way


I never had a guy in bed like this. But let me start from th

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