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This was a fun day at the office. A guy called us in advance

Job interviews can be one of the most nerve-racking things y

Fucking on the clock

After Hours Office Cock!

I hate when people come to my office dressed like clowns. Th

I liked this guys passion for his trade. He was a car mechan

Today was unusually quiet. I almost started to worry that I

Dirty Scout 217

Dirty Scout 222

Dirty Scout 220

Dirty Scout 221

Dirty Scout 219

Dirty Scout 218

Dirty Scout 213

Dirty Scout 209

Dirty Scout 215

This boy was looking so sad during the whole interview! I no

The Doctors Office

A little beauty walked into my office this morning. Well dre

Office guy seduces his straight boss

the gay office set 39

Sucking the boss for a promotion

Gay dude works his way up the corporate ladder

I didnt like this guy at the beginning. I expect some degree

This young man came to Prague from a far away country. He li

Job Interview

The Cheat Out

The salaries in the eastern parts of the Czech Republic are

Today I had a vacancy for a job assistant. For those of you

Pillow Talk: Part 3

Pillow Talk: Part 4

This boy spent most of his adult life in a kitchen. He loved

Such a lovely guy visited me in my office today! He wanted a

Executive Suite Part 2

Accountancy is supposed to be an extremely dull job, but for

the gay office set 37

Suck my cock or else

While everyone else is out to lunch, Duncan and Jason enjoy

This young half-black man came to my office looking for a jo

This guy read about our company on the internet and decided

To graduate at school and than not be able to find a job in

Touchy Boss

I havent seen such a shy boy for a long time. Apparently thi

This had to be the shiest boy I have ever met in my office.

There arent that many people who would be able to work at a

This boy lost his job because of his drunk boss tried to sed

I just love playing football with my friends. Unfortunately,

This boy looked very shy and nervous. His appearance was a b

Some people I meet in my office have a very powerful story t

Another applicant from outside Prague. He came the long way

Everybody has a different motivation to apply for a new job.

Another busy day in the office. I guess, there are so many y

Office assistant Colby Jansen has earned a special treat fro

Dustin Fitch and Julian Smiles have a cheap boss, which mean

I really like boys from small towns. They look so innocent c

The Business Of Sex Part 4

Pillow Talk: Part 2

This is how to get a promotion at the office

Executive Brothel Part 2

Consulting Cock Part 3

BelAmi Special Offer