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Hes a fitness instructor and it shows. Self-confident yet no

Victor is only 21, but he looks 28. Perhaps because hes marr

Photo-set. We cant think of a better tribute to Federicos al

Giuseppe, 24, is pursuing a career in modeling. Luckily for

22 year old Diego hails from Madrid. He may very well be one

Happy birthday, ETTORE TOSI. The blue-eyed sex beast so the

Hung. Beefy. Ripped... We could go on and on about Tiagos st

Brute Club, Up Close

Gigi is the epitome of the Southern Italian Man: black hair,

What kind of name is Caua, you ask! It doesnt matter, this 1

Hung! Its the first, inevitable adjective that comes to mind

Director talent scout Ettore Tosi has debuted hundreds of be

Alex Orioli is a certified masseur. I asked him to demonstra

What a knockout! When you first meet Junior B, youre immedia

Italian newcomer Pasquale is 20 and works as a bartender in

They dont come more Italian-looking than Roberto, do they! S

Mark, 20, is one of the hunkiest, sexiest, most promising ca

Philippe is only 19, but has already honed his porn skills.

Of the three Romanian applicants I screened in Cluj-Napoca,

Paulo is 19. He has been a boxer for four years and wants to

I think Stefano and dynamo comes to mind. The most inventive

Will sure knows how to pose and how to engage the camera. Fa

James Castle, Up Close

Fabrizio with a toy - XXX Castings

Daniele - XXX Castings

Thiago is 25. Hes so comfortable stroking his dick in front

Hes a fitness instructor and it shows. Self-confident yet no

Washing dishes, wearing nothing but a jock-strap! This is no

Raffaele - XXX Castings

Whats not to love about Rio! The beaches, the caipirinhas, t

You first met Marco in a solo for LucasKazan --his big cock

Giuseppe hass long deserved an outdoor shoot, but it was too

Bruno - XXX Castings

I first ran into Kadu at The Week, Rios trendiest, most popu

Alfio is 20 and hails from Palermo Sicily. Like most Sicilia

A Sicilian immigrant working in Belgium, 21 year old Tano is

No lights, no crew: just me, my voyeur cam and the young men

Muscle worshipers rejoice: Italian superstar Daniele Montana

Watch award-winner Jean Franko and Italian newcomer Alessio

Happy birthday, JEAN FRANKO. This hunky Sagittarius just exu

Giuseppe has been steadily growing his fan base. No surprise

You first saw Alejandro pounding Ettore Tosi in a sizzling P

Casey Everett, Up Close

Alessio is a pig. When I paired him with Gigi for his second

Marco - XXX Castings

The lean, agile body of a dancer. And a big, fat cock. Itali

Our videographer went gaga over Lion and delivered one and a

Where to begin! His dazzling smile! His chiseled abs! His bu

When asked on-camera about his first time, 19 year old Fabri

Alex Magnum is a pro. 6 feet tall, a mountain of muscles and

If you doubt the boys from Palermo are the sexiest and the m

Alex graduated from the BelAmi School of Porn. He understand

Victor is 20 and is pursuing a career in fitness modeling. N

Hugo - XXX Castings

Ettore Ludwig - Private Sex Files

Happy birthday, Matthias. All-Italian good looks, statuesque

Some people are just fun to be around. Yes, Alex is well-end

Salvatore is the epitome of the Italian male: black hair, bl

Hes a fitness professional from Southern Italy... And you ca

Angel Marco

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