Italian Gay Pictures

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Hes a fitness professional from Southern Italy... And you ca

Italian newcomer Pasquale is 20 and works as a bartender in

Where to begin! His dazzling smile! His chiseled abs! His bu

Meet 28 years old Alessandro Basile: ripped, hung, masculine

Hung! Its the first, inevitable adjective that comes to mind

Threes NOT always a crowd, is it! Watch these horny Latin hu

Meet 18 year old Andrea: tanned, uncut, thick black hair, de

Andrea - XXX Castings

Thiago is 25. Hes so comfortable stroking his dick in front

Brute Club, Up Close

Salvatore is the epitome of the Italian male: black hair, bl

Back by popular demand, with bigger muscles, more tattoos an

Daniele found his soul mate so he says and retired from porn

Alex Orioli is a certified masseur. I asked him to demonstra

Ettore Tosi debuted in 1998 and has since become the spokesm

Marco - XXX Castings

Alessio is a pig. When I paired him with Gigi for his second

Rendezvous in Milano for BelAmi veteran Ariel Vanean and Ita

If you doubt the boys from Palermo are the sexiest and the m

When asked on-camera about his first time, 19 year old Fabri

Washing dishes, wearing nothing but a jock-strap! This is no

I think Stefano and dynamo comes to mind. The most inventive

Michele - XXX Castings

Alfio is 20 and hails from Palermo Sicily. Like most Sicilia

I like him a lot, Jean Franko wrote when I first e-mailed hi

100 percent Italian beef. No doubt Luigi is the epitome of t

Bruno has star written all over him. Tall, muscular, a tirel

Body perfect. Tall, athletic, impossibly handsome... just ab

Luca Armi heats up the Brazilian Summer at LucasKazan: rippe

Theres always been something sexy about a French accent, esp

Ettore Ludwig - Private Sex Files

Business man or leather stud! Alex Magnum shares his two per

Carlos - XXX Castings

Introducing 25 year old Murillo. Like most Cariocas his age,

What kind of name is Caua, you ask! It doesnt matter, this 1

A Lucas Kazan exclusive since October 2008, 25 year old Dani

His first audition told me everything I needed to know about

The reluctant exhibitionist. An oxymoron, perhaps... but one

Karel, 24, has one of the most gorgeous faces and butt and l

We cant stop swooning over this 22 year old jock. True, Dieg

The tattoo on his hip says it all: Sexy!. Meet 22 year old G

Of the three Romanian applicants I screened in Cluj-Napoca,

It took me two hours to get 23 year old Thiago comfortable b

The lean, agile body of a dancer. And a big, fat cock. Itali

22 year old Diego hails from Madrid. He may very well be one

Andrea may be a late bloomer --he lost his virginity at 18--

Ripped, muscle-bound, strong... I cant find enough words to

Italian newcomer Bruno Boni is the winner of our Open Cast C

Mark, 20, is one of the hunkiest, sexiest, most promising ca

Our HOT Brazilian Summer continues with 23 year old Vito: fu

When In Ibiza, Part 1

Whats not to love about Rio! The beaches, the caipirinhas, t

Ricardo - XXX Castings

Director talent scout Ettore Tosi has debuted hundreds of be

I first ran into Kadu at The Week, Rios trendiest, most popu

Its Raul Korsos month at LucasKazan. Rauls black hair, olive

Sasha left a modeling career behind --and you can tell: hes

Giuseppe has been steadily growing his fan base. No surprise

Daniele - XXX Castings

Hes a fitness instructor and it shows. Self-confident yet no

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