Italian Gay Pictures

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I knew Ivan wanted me, so we kept the interview short and cu

Despite his Italian-sounding name, Giorgio hails from the Cz

I love you. No matter what, remember Ill always love you. Gu

Hes Italian slash Lebanese, hes hung, hes versatile... In le

Raffaele - XXX Castings

Robbie Ettore - Ettore Tosi Robbie Rojo

Jogos Cariocas 4 - Private Sex Files

Theres always been something sexy about a French accent, esp

Its Raul Korsos month at LucasKazan. Rauls black hair, olive

Nicola and Gabriele are 18 years old. They barely caress eac

In The Loft

You first saw Alejandro pounding Ettore Tosi in a sizzling P

Whats not to love about Rio! The beaches, the caipirinhas, t

Brute Club, Up Close

Mark, 20, is one of the hunkiest, sexiest, most promising ca

Ripped, muscle-bound, strong... I cant find enough words to

Will sure knows how to pose and how to engage the camera. Fa

Leonardo is a 22 year old bricklayer with lush, full lips an

The young and the hung. Meet Jandro, 22, ripped and... Camer

Back by popular demand, with bigger muscles, more tattoos an

Meet 28 years old Alessandro Basile: ripped, hung, masculine

Our videographer went gaga over Lion and delivered one and a

Jogos Cariocas 3 - Private Sex Files

French charm and Latin heat: we knew we couldnt go wrong wit

Classic good looks, chiseled physique, huge cock, Matthias i

When asked on-camera about his first time, 19 year old Fabri

Alex Orioli is a certified masseur. I asked him to demonstra

An international meltdown. Absolutely sexy duo... So the blo

Photo-set. We cant think of a better tribute to Federicos al

With his clothes on and his thick glasses, he resembles a sp

Talk about a swimmers build... A real swimming instructor, G

22 year old Giuseppe is a plumber. A REAL plumber, not just

Wagner is lucky when it comes to... boyfriends. You first me

Italian newcomer Daniele Montana and Hungarian cutie Marc Di

Rhys Jagger, Up Close

Hung. Beefy. Ripped... We could go on and on about Tiagos st

Hes a fitness instructor and it shows. Self-confident yet no

Andrea - XXX Castings

Where to begin! His dazzling smile! His chiseled abs! His bu

Florenzo - XXX Castings

Our HOT Brazilian Summer continues with 23 year old Vito: fu

Bruno - XXX Castings

Up close with Devian, our very first model from Serbia. With

Victor is only 21, but he looks 28. Perhaps because hes marr

I picked up Philippe at the Brindisi airport. One look at th

Gennaro - XXX Castings

Marco - XXX Castings

Giuseppe was flown in for an episode with Alex Orioli. But t

63 tall --and a juicy 8 inch cock-- this muscular Brazilian

Italian newcomer Pasquale is 20 and works as a bartender in

Logan and Leo have broken off. Memories of their happy times

Andre is 23. This hot Brazilian newcomer is attracted to mas

Washing dishes, wearing nothing but a jock-strap! This is no

Bruno has star written all over him. Tall, muscular, a tirel

Isaque - XXX Castings

Im versatile, says 23 year old Robeson, more of a bottom, re

Karel, 24, has one of the most gorgeous faces and butt and l

Of the three Romanian applicants I screened in Cluj-Napoca,

This second chapter in the Addicted series features Neapolit

Alex Magnum is a pro. 6 feet tall, a mountain of muscles and

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