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Dirty Scout 296

Dirty Scout 298

Dirty Scout 297

Dirty Scout 294

Dirty Scout 295

Dirty Scout 290

Dirty Scout 291

Dirty Scout 292

Dirty Scout 288

Dirty Scout 289

Today I had a vacancy for a job assistant. For those of you

Dirty Scout 285

Dirty Scout 286

Dirty Scout 287

Dirty Scout 237

Office presentation gone all wrong

This guy had to be a terrible employee. He was a graphic and

Another vacancy for a shop assistant today. Two applicants a

I hate when people come to my office dressed like clowns. Th

I havent seen such a shy boy for a long time. Apparently thi

The Office Slut Part 3

This boy surprised me a lot. He looked very young but he alr

It happens quite often that people dont like my offers. But

This guy was funny. He barged into my office and asked for a

Its warehouse-day again. I will probably never understand wh

What a busy day! First applicant was a would-be bartender an

A friend on mine is still looking for 5 more employees for h

I dont usually have engineers coming in my office. This one

Two young cuties visited my agency today. My secretary showe

The first applicant today was a proper man indeed. Muscular

Dirty Scout 282

The first applicant almost made me doubt my judgment. From t

A tall and lean visitor from far north arrived at my office.

Im in Tuscany on vacation. So once again, my deputy is in ch

Dirty Scout 281

Accountancy is supposed to be an extremely dull job, but for

This was a fun day at the office. A guy called us in advance

Secret Santa

You know whats really weird! That every shy boy I meet in my

Concierge Part 3

There arent that many people who would be able to work at a

This boy lost his job because of his drunk boss tried to sed

Some people I meet in my office have a very powerful story t

Today was unusually quiet. I almost started to worry that I

When this guy came in, I immediately noticed that he was not

Am Eye For A Guy

The Boss, Part 1

Sometimes I am really shocked when some young applicants tel

Everybody has a different motivation to apply for a new job.

What happened today was also quite new for me. A guy came in

I still remember when I had the first job-interview myself.

My assistant already told me that my first applicant today l

Andy Taylor is moving into Connor Maguires old job and gets

Any time is a good time for a blowjob, even while in the mid

Tony Hunter is a full service interor decorator, he ll do yo

It s hard working with porn all day - real hard! Austin Ried

An after hours drink and a game of pool pave the way for a h

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the gay office set 27

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