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Fan favorite and Brazilian bodybuilding champ SAMUEL VIEIRA

No one could believe Rico Elbaz s super-popular video when w

Diego is fuego takes it back to our favorite South Florida p

Frank The Tank is a down-to-earth kinda guy. The city has it

Quench the summer heat with one of the hottest musclestuds o

The ONLY place online on the planet that you ll see the beau

Joey van Damme has a good, big cigar - if you get our meanin

manifest men set 50

You thought that MuscleHunks Exclusive Enzo Pileri already h

Sensuous, good-humored, and ooooh that perfect posterior - t

Raul DeLaGuardia is for Lovers. Muscle Lovers. Once again, w

Angelo Antonio Boston Muscle

Angel has the face of...well, an angel...and the ass of...we is pretty muscleboy Chad Harley makes his mark

For those who think - and crave - young, we bring you newcum

23 year old Speedy is a thug with a chip on his shoulder. He

Helmut Mueller is a regular college jock, except he is a lit

There is no one that comes close to the muscular beauty of H

You like them young! You like them hung! You like them big!

After spying on a big, huge muscle daddy, muscle boy Herman

Ripped Latin Pretty Boy

Tough boy Max has a back alley where he likes to go when he

Paling around with Conor McNulty and his buddy Cesar gets th

Everyone loves a big, tall super hero, but we suspect some m

Vin Marco: Skylight

A welcome variation on the adage No good deed goes unpunishe

Caesar Hairy Gay Muscle

Marlon Hunter just got out of college and started working at

10 Teen Cock

A new muscleman street stud from Atti

Handsome Devil, indeed. No one who smiles this much, this ea

Cocky Benny Ryder takes to the camera with brash ease at Pow

Ali Galani doesnt just have rock hard muscles, theyre big an

He s Playful and spontaneous. That s why we got Claudio Marq

MuscleHunks Exclusive Bo Armstrong is back! This time even a

Lorenzo Kaiden, Insurance Salesman. Really. We re not kiddin

Competitive bodybuilder Jeff Fleming is that rare combinatio

Macho Nacho is back and as always he is out to have a good t

Dylan Hunter was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. And

Fan favorite and Brazilian bodybuilding champ SAMUEL VIEIRA

For those who like their tasty musclemen decked out like Dad

Dragos Milovich has a good thing going. With a fleet of youn

Hairy Blonde Muscle. Ben Kieren Hairy Muscle Stud

Greek Muscle God

Want to ride with me! We ll have a great adventure trip on m

Gordon Burke is our latest and greatest find! A frisky, wise

Angel has the face of...well, an angel...and the ass of...we

Raul DeLaGuardia is for Lovers. Muscle Lovers. Once again, M

Augusto Elia is an adventurer in every sense of the word. Yo

Xavier is one of those no-nonsense attitude-free muscle men

Solid muscleman Vinnie de Angelo hasn it competed yet, but h

Muscle Boy Shows Off His Stiff Cock!

MuscleHunks third episode featuring the enormous muscles of

Tiger beat musclepup Chad Harley is on the prowl again. Seem

Hairy, short tough guy powerhouse Adelio Senna is just the m

We ive featured bigger men here on Powermen, but not too man

The bad boy is back! While Leo!s body is a physical treat, h

As hot, thick, and solid as a fire plug, the short, buff and

The squared circle just got a whole lot hotter as wrestling

Diego Del Toro is one of those types that could easily fit i

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