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On the surface this handsome and beautifully sculpted muscul

Wet in Blue Rain

Getting buff here in California so this shoot had me on a sp

We came across Charlie while on a recent tour of Manila in t

Moist and Muscle

While exploring the woods on a warm day, 22 year old Herman

Tall, blond, lean and handsome, Nordic-looking Todd Morris i

The World Tour continues with a super-hot, s

There is no one that comes close to the muscular beauty of H

Get wild with me at this jungle paradise where the place is

Lockeroom Chains

Hot chili pepper Mauricio Pimento traveled all the way from

He s Playful and spontaneous. That s why we got Claudio Marq

We ive featured bigger men here on Powermen, but not too man

Peter Latz would be the result if took the best features of

Hairy, short tough guy powerhouse Adelio Senna is just the m

Hot Group Sex Fun with Dallas and Friends

Taking it real for a moment, it is the Leon Jackson class an

Big bodybuilders are often challenged when they spot another

Competitive bodybuilder Eduardo Correa is stunningly handsom

Gilberto Nestore can best be described as the strong, silent

Carved from the purest muscle granite mined from the finest

Vin Marco does it again. He is big, buff, and tight as ever.

If there s anything we love here at it s presenting n

Seems there is a lot of testosterone in the air in our muscl

If wiry, unpretty, and hard-assed real men are your thing, y

Smooth muscle ass your thing! Mike Buffalari has two hard gl

When big, handsome blond LiveMuscleShow muscleman Sven Grons

Mike Buffalari Brooklyn Bodybuilder

I am your Valentine

There is something about football player and bodybuilder Joe

There is no mistaking Caleb Del Gatto for anyone else. His s

New York City muscle fans fondly remember the great muscleme

As handsome as a classic movie star, yet rippled with deeply

Max Hilton may have the face of an ex-con you wouldn it want

New Jersey Muscle Stud. Mike Buffalari Jersey Muscle

Size matters ! so stand back, cause Eddie Camacho is back in

Your eyes may be riveted by the perfectly sculpted torso, ri

It s a JERKATHON that ll get you as steaming hot as the jung

Rico Elbaz - International Muscle Stud

Is Glute-tastic a word! Well, it should be! Ali Galani is on

Feel me. Touch my big arms. Pleasure my big cock. Is that wh

Kick boxer Harold works as a karate coach in a small town in

What a great way chilling out at your room by having a sensu

You want the hottest Muscleman action! These are Pro bodybui

Daytime: Club Exterior. New Leatherman Max Hilton is

Jamel Jamero is that kind of guy your parents always warned

Hot muscle model Yakov Mukileck is a strong, silent Romanian

Augusto Elia is an adventurer in every sense of the word. Yo

Timmy Riordan is big, young, hung, and knows what he s got.

Washboard abs and 9

Ben Kieren Hairy Hard Cock Muscle Stud

Axel Agabo seems like a nice, quiet guy .....still, he is ha

Powermen Exclusive muscle model Dylan Hunter returns with an

Tom Anderson the frat man you always dreamed would give you

The hugely dicked, arrogant, bad-attitude muscleman Claude C

Damon Danilo Studio White


If it had been up to us, we would have given New LMS musclem

Hardcore beef fans: meet Champion Gil dela Cruz, a huge supe

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