The Slave, His Master, And Their Gimp

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Sebastian Keys
Shane Jackson
Anal BDSM Bondage Hardcore Pornstar

Master Sebastian Keys is back and ready to discipline an unruly house! He closes horny leather hooded fuck gimp Dominic Pacifico in a coffin before turning his attention to new boy Shane Jackson. Shane is shy but tough and ready for his inspection. He stands tall as Sebastian pulls his nipples and inspects his muscles. He drops to all fours for his anal inspection and holds his ass open as Sebastian pushes plugs in increasing size in his hole. Sebastians leather clad fingers run over Shanes entrance, probing the tight muscle there. Shane moans as various plugs fill him and Sebastian flogs and spanks his ass red. Lastly, Sebastian puts an anal hook in him and leaves him to clean the plugs after instructing him not to open the coffin. But hearing the coffin rumble as hes sucking each plug clean makes Shane curious. He edges closer and closer to the coffin and just as hes about to open it, it springs open. The gimp is loose and it wants to fuck! The gimp grabs Shane and pulls him onto his cock. Shane resists but each time the gimp pushes its cock into Shanes mouth, Shane cant help but get hard. He gags on the gimps rock hard cock as the gimps hips piston in and out of his hung

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