Casting Couch 395 Max Hilton, Xavi Duran

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Max Hilton
Xavi Duran
Anal Blowjobs European Hardcore Muscle Pornstar

Max Hunter always enters the room as a handsome, muscle beast, so we decided to pair him with Xavi Duran, whom has his own muscle beast that we all desire. These two hot machismos really know how to accelerate our craving for hot man on man sex. Xavi plants some vigorous nipple chewing onto Maxs aroused nipples that truly arouses Maxs cock. Continuing his trek down and across Maxs ripped, hairy abs, Xavi arrives at Maxs straining cock that is only constrained by the thin veil of fabric that Xavi soaks with his tongue. Maxs cock bounces free from the constraints of his KBs as Xavi begins worshiping his cock from the hooded head to his furry base. Maxs cock continues to grow in strength and firmness as Xavi sucks and swallows his cock like all true expert cock suckers. Xavi continues with his aggressive cock sucking, yet knows that he needs to back off, sensing Maxs heightened pleasure. Putting his cock at mouth level to Max, Xavi unleashes his fat muscle cock as Maxs hunger takes over. Max delves in and devours Xavis huge cock. Max pays special attention to Xavis mushroom cock head before working his mouth all the way down his thick shaft to the base. This sensation pushe

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