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CMNM - scene 339

The word on the street is that Alan is going to be made Head

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With his job on the line all Pete can do is grip the desk ha

At CMNM. Net, the board members must make a decision on the

Detective Davidson is the type of brawny masculine fella who

CMNM - scene 313

CMNM - scene 289

Clothed Male, Naked Male

At CMNM. Net, Derek must go from gentleman to gentleman expo

Clothed Male, Naked Male

Once Dave gets a feel of Petes round meaty arse as he smacks

Clothed Male, Naked Male

Alex has all the discipline of a good Russian soldier. He do

Clothed Male, Naked Male

Mr Bullock is hanging around the boys locker room as usual c

Handsome young father Pedro is in crisis as everything hes b

At CMNM. Net, embarrassed schoolboy Tarquin only recently st

Innocent Lyle has been raised in an utterly sheltered and pr

Tristram is stitched up now! Investor Mr Swallows and his bu

Word is getting around about the pervy Headmaster. All the l

Derek has effectively drawn the Head Master and coach into f

cmnm set 46

Clothed Male, Naked Male

At CMNM. Net Enrico is disgusted that the mens insistent str

Its all very well having access to the bodies of as many han

The designer and buyer know exactly how to play these two bi

Two young entrepreneurs think theyve got itmade! The slick s

Bob is utterly humiliated! Not only has the interviewer made

Theres only so much that can be learned from reports and spr

At CMNM. Net, raised under strict protective care in his wea

This upright businessman went looking for a wild adventure a

Just when the boys were stealing thug Gareths anal virginity

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It wasnt hard for Adrian to sniff out convict Gareth who was

At CMNM. Net, the only way to tame angry footballer Danny is

CMNM - scene 286

Carl feels totally justified in roughing up any man who migh

When handsome stud Nick dreamed of becoming a famous fashion

Clothed Male, Naked Male

The guard has stimulated the caught perverts arse to the poi

Pete is a very proud man but tears of humiliation are gather

For a masculine straight fella like Richard its excruciating

At CMNM. Net, theyve got the stud of the offices cock in the

Paddy grits his teeth and does his best to take being felt u

At CMNM. Net, what better way for wicked schoolboy Rowan to

High flying businessman Nick likes to party hard, but his ex

Drew Du Plessis may have billions but nothing is more precio

Mr Dave Walker has been the personal banker for the mega ric

cmnm set 39

Clothed Male, Naked Male

With Daniels arse properly filled by the induction team, the

Craig knows that hes in a very precarious position being bro

Craig feels a nervous fluttering in his stomach when hes sum

Having received his discipline for failing in his mission, S

Sexy new boy Simon is discovering just what happens when he

The amount of men in debt is rising every day. While this is

Pardew Harrison has left his work as a probationofficer for

Under the Head Masters stern pervy gaze Simon plows into Der

Once Adrian brings the hotel manager up to his room the issu

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